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 "I lose myself in projects sometimes. When I get excited about an idea, a project, an event--I  can't think about anything else!"

 At Work

Deborah King is the go-to person for  production management, special events and marketing. She has an enthusiasm for themed environments and a sense of show that make her an essential part of  any creative team. 

Deborah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Digital Media Communications-getting her into graphic design for the web when it was new, and teaching her about generating content for early social networks, websites and blogs. Her other areas of study were professional writing (journalism, business writing, technical, and creative) and studio art. These skills were tested by her management of two student publications, managing her own websites, and building websites for small businesses and friends. Through her work, she has always shown a strong sense of leadership and a strong sense of brand awareness.
Her love of film led her to an Associates degree from Full Sail University in Film and Video Production, and she went on to work there as a Presentation Specialist. Part of her job teaching was creating online course content and writing other teaching materials. She was asked to create multiple venues for student communication with course instructors and to keep the coarse content up to date. She was charged with promoting the use of these materials and resources by the students.

At Gator Daves LLC in Deland, she was hired as customer service and bookkeeper. In addition to other roles, she was in charge of marketing. She was asked to create brochures, form letters for Quickbooks, artwork, product information, product images, price sheets, and other marketing materials. She also managed supplies and workers and kept track of all customer and vendor accounts and cash flow, $400k+ annually. Through careful planning, she assisted in lowering the company debt by %60 and raised it's overall net worth.

At Keane Machines, Deborah was in charge of Online Marketing. She created content and generated online auctions through eBay. She also assisted in the management of an online inventory database. She wrote and responded to most of the related customer emails. She created logos and simple web pages and wrote a great deal of content. She was responsible for market research--expanding their inventory and the network of sites on which the company was listed.

In June 2010, Deborah produced her largest show to date with 40 guests from 3 states, 2 venues in 2 cities, amazing food, and a cast of 9 when she got married to her husband Tavis. The reception decor was her own design, with beautiful floral arrangements by her mother.   

Her current side projects include screenwriting and indie film production as well as acting as a consultant and event coordinator for a start-up retro movie theater and event cinema venue for RetroDigi.

Her recent video projects include entries for the documentary film contest "Life in a Day" on YouTube and a submission for Synthetic Cinema's Monster Mash-Up Contest.

Hobbies and Other Work

"I participate in contests to encourage and keep in touch with other filmmakers (but mainly because they are fun). You can check out my short videos and previews on YouTube.

You can also find me on IMDb.

When I'm not working, I'm working. I love to help plan parties and weddings. I also enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors. I love zoos and theme parks. You can also find me painting at home or making something crafty--especially if it is floral decor for events. If I have time, I love hanging out in my garden. "

Integrated Computer Systems, photo by Kit Johnson
Air Boat photo by Deborah King